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to empower you to find joy in movement and live your most badass life!

Macho, hyper-masculine gym bros not your thing? Tired of weight-centric measurement? Maybe you’d like your workout routine to actually be FUN? Fit With Lou gives you personal training and nutrition coaching for food freedom and joyful movement!

Personal Training Nutrition Coaching
A New Success Metric Icon

A New Success Metric

Tired of weight-centric measurement? Rest assured that that isn’t what we do here. While tracking progress toward your goals IS important, we’ll take an individualised - and frankly more effective - approach to measure how far you’ve come.

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Joyful Fitness

What if I were to tell you that movement needs to feel good in order to be healthy? Physical activity should enrich your life, not drain it. We’ll work together to make a plan around training styles that you actually enjoy - and you’ll see the results!

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Inclusive, Safe Space

Macho, hyper-masculine gym bros not your thing? Oh man, me either. I am passionate about making fitness spaces accessible and less intimidating so that everybody feels represented and safe to chase their health goals.

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Bullshit-Free Nutrition Coaching

Diet culture leads us to believe all sorts of crazy things in order to sell us the next diet or superfood, and it’s hard to wade through all that information alone. Let’s work together to break it down and I can help you learn what to eat to thrive.



Personal Training Haarlem

Personal Training

I specialize in functional fitness-based training for all abilities. We all have different goals and interests, and those need to lay the path for our individualized fitness journeys to get you the results you want. Let’s work together to find out what works for you, learn new skills, move with greater joy and meet your goals along the way!

Personal Training
Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

A Nutrition Coach gives you accountability, direction and support to help you eat, move, and live better. Healthy eating is about the science of nutrition paired with your own personal experience of what feels good in your body. I specialize in helping you learn about food and how the right nutrition can help you thrive.

Nutrition Coaching
Get Your First 4 Sessions

For Just €99,-

Curious to feel it for yourself? Try out 4 sessions for just €99,00! You’ll get a thorough intake, assessment and goal setting session, and 3 one-on-one customized personal training sessions to show you what we are able to do together! Are you ready to rock and roll?



Lou, Fit With Lou
Some More

About Me

Hi, I’m Louise – or Lou for short! I am a lifelong student of fitness and nutrition and love to share the knowledge I have gained over the years. I am committed to delivering personalized fitness in a safe and inclusive environment and disrupting the - often harmful - health and fitness industry to bring joy back to movement.



Eating should be effortless…and it’s not your fault that it’s not.

You’ve probably tried playing by the rules: external cues of what to eat and when to eat it, learning what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’, clean eating, Keto and cleanses. The rulebook is broad and ever-changing because moving targets keep us at once confused and coming back to the (verrry profitable) diet industry for
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Personal Trainer and Clients in Haarlem

Periodization: What It Is and Why You Need It

Picture this: You were doing super well setting up and sticking to a workout routine, and that initially gave you great results. But now, the results have kind of… fizzled – the same workouts that once seemed to work wonders now seem ineffective. What changed? Well, it’s probably a lack of periodization. Let’s dig into
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Nutrition Coaching

What A Good Nutrition Coach Can Do For You

Have you ever received diet advice you knew was sort of…off? Or perhaps got wrangled into trying an only-air-and-bacon summer body meal plan with promises of big change with only a few weeks buy-in? Watch out, there are all kinds of extreme eating plans and celery juice gurus who will sell you a way-too-shiny promise
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Personal Trainer Haarlem

Who is Lou, Anyway?

Hi! My name is Louise – or Lou for short – and I am a huge fitness and nutrition nerd. I live in Haarlem, Netherlands, with my two doggos, Eleanor and Lola Bean. I moved to the Netherlands from Canada just over 5 years ago, where I left a budding career in law behind to do
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