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Macho gym-bros not your thing? Tired weight-centric measurement? Maybe you’d like your workout to actually be FUN? Fit With Lou is here for badass personal training and joyful nutrition coaching, because you deserve to enjoy these things...and your life, too.

Personal Training Nutrition Coaching
A New Success Metric Icon

A New Success Metric

Tired of weight-centric measurement as the only marker of success? Rest assured, that isn’t what we do here. While tracking progress toward your goals IS important, we’ll take an individualised - and more effective - approach to measure how far you’ve come.

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Joyful Fitness

What if I told you that movement needs to feel good to actually be healthy? Would you stop punishing yourself with workouts you hate? Let's work together to build you a plan around training styles that you actually enjoy so that movement enriches your life, not drains it.

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Inclusive, Safe Space

Wait, macho gym bros taking up all the room in the gym aren't your thing? Well, good. Me either. As a coach, I am passionate about making fitness spaces feel accessible and less intimidating so that everybody feels represented and safe to chase their goals.

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Bullshit-Free Nutrition Coaching

We’re made to believe that food should be a struggle, but honestly, I think that’s bullshit. That said - it *is* hard to wade through all the Diet Culture messaging alone. Together we'll break down the science of nutrition and figure out exactly what YOU need to eat to thrive.

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Personal Training Haarlem

Personal Training

As a Personal Trainer, I specialize in helping my clients build functional strength so that we can tackle all that life has to offer outside of the gym! I believe that fitness can be a truly joyful experience for everybody, and it all starts with finding out what works for YOU. Let’s work together to find out what you need, learn some new skills, move with greater joy and nail those goals along the way!

Personal Training
Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching at Rebel Nutrition

What if food could be easy, or dare we As head Nutrition Coach of Rebel Nutrition - Fit with Lou's sister company - I'm passionate about helping you get a handle on your nutrition in a healthy and sustainable way, once and for all. At Rebel, we know it is possible to reach your nutrition goals without suffering through another exhausting crash diet or detox tea cleanse. Nutrition can (and should!) be a joyful part of your life, and I'd love to help you get there.

Nutrition Coaching
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Curious to feel it for yourself? Try out 4 sessions for just €229,00! You’ll get 1 in-depth assessment and goal-setting session, and 3 one-on-one customised personal training sessions to show you what we’re able to do together. Hit that button and let’s rock and roll!



    Lou, Fit With Lou

    Your Coach

    Hey, I’m Louise – or Lou for short! I am a lifelong student (read: nerd) of fitness and nutrition and I'm grateful to be able to share what I have learned from this adventure over the years. I moved to The Netherlands from Canada just over 9 years ago where I left a budding career in law behind to do things that make me feel a whole lot more inspired. For me, those things include making the fitness industry a less intimidating space, uncomplicating nutrition and calling out harmful diet-culture bullshit wherever I find it. Along the way, I've found absolute joy in food and movement and I can't wait to help you do the same!



    Your Nutrition Fundamentals for 2022

    Happy new year, friends. I know it’s just that time of year, but is it me, or has the Diet Industry REALLY turned up the heat on the new-year-grind-for-your-crash-diet crap this time around? They’re out there workin’ hard to sell us the next detox, superfood and 6-weeks to a 6-pack (riiight) program.  So, in honour
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    No wagon to fall off of: Why consistency beats perfection every time.

    Ah, the mythical wagon. We’ve all heard it – and probably felt it, too, “I was doing so well, and then I fell off the wagon.” Whether it’s about our diet, exercise routine or another way of taking care of ourselves, the wagon represents the hardline rules we tell ourselves we need to follow to
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    How to Design the Perfect Training Session

    One of the biggest hurdles in getting motivated to work out, no matter where you do it, is figuring out which exercises to take on once you get there. Luckily, though, with the right information, it’s actually pretty easy to put together an effective, full-body training program. Top priority should be given to functional movements;
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    Is community the missing piece of your nutrition journey?

    Going at this shit alone is hard. If the last couple of years has taught us nothing else, it’s that we need each other, we need our humans around, to really thrive. It’s true in most things – including your nutrition journey. Never mind that it’s just less fun without them; setting up an environment
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    How to stop stress from sabotaging your nutrition

    Stress. While occasionally unavoidable and good for us in certain circumstances, in excess, particularly when it’s chronic, it’s really not. Hot take, right? Okay, not really. In fact, we hear that so much it’s pretty hard not to ‘yeah, yeah’ the warning away. Life is busy, and demands are high. But hear me out on
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