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Macho gym-bros not your thing? Tired of weight-centric measurement? Maybe you’d like your workout to actually be FUN? Fit With Lou is here for Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching that brings you all the joyful movement and food freedom you need to thrive.

Personal Training Nutrition Coaching
A New Success Metric Icon

A New Success Metric

Tired of weight-centric measurement? Rest assured, that isn’t what we do here. While tracking progress toward your goals IS important, we’ll take an individualized - and more effective - approach to measure how far you’ve come.

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Joyful Fitness

What if I said that movement needs to feel good to actually be healthy? Physical activity should enrich your life, not drain it. We’ll work together to build a plan around training styles that you actually enjoy.

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Inclusive, Safe Space

Macho gym-bros not your thing? Oh maaan, me either. I am passionate about making fitness spaces accessible and less intimidating so that everybody feels represented and safe to chase their goals.

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Bullshit-Free Nutrition Coaching

Diet culture tells us all sorts of crazy things in order to sell us the next diet or "superfood", and it’s hard to wade through all that alone. Let's work together to break it down and figure out exactly what YOU need to eat to thrive.

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Personal Training Haarlem

Personal Training

As a Personal Trainer, I specialize in functional training for all abilities. We all have different goals and interests, and those will lay the path for your fitness journey - making it effective AND enjoyable. Let’s work together to find out what works best for you, learn new skills, move with greater joy and nail those goals along the way!

Personal Training
Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

As a Nutrition Coach, I'm here for guidance, accountability and support to help you eat, move, and live better. Nourishing yourself is about the science of nutrition paired with your own experience of what feels good in your body - and it is the only path to reaching your goals sustainably. I specialize in helping you wade through the diet-culture bullshit to learn what you need to thrive and then making that a habit you can stick to!

Nutrition Coaching
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For €129,-

Curious to feel it for yourself? Try out 4 sessions for just €129,00! You’ll get a thorough assessment and goal setting session, and 3 one-on-one customized personal training sessions to show you what we are able to do together. Hit that button and let’s rock and roll!



Lou, Fit With Lou

Your Coach

Hey, I’m Louise – or Lou for short! I am a lifelong student (read: nerd) of fitness and nutrition and I'm here to share what I have learned from this adventure over the years. I moved to Haarlem from Canada just over 8 years ago where I left a budding career in law behind to do things that make me feel a whole lot more inspired. For me, those things include making the fitness industry a less intimidating space, uncomplicating nutrition and calling out harmful diet-culture bullshit wherever I find it. I've found absolute joy in food and movement and I can't wait to help you do the same!



No wagon to fall off of: Why consistency beats perfection every time.

Ah, the mythical wagon. We’ve all heard it – and probably felt it, too, “I was doing so well, and then I fell off the wagon.” Whether it’s about our diet, exercise routine or another way of taking care of ourselves, the wagon represents the hardline rules we tell ourselves we need to follow to
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Calories In, Calories Out… Sounds Simple, Doesn’t It?

Calories in, calories out. You’ve probably heard of the concept, and you might already have some feelings about its truth… or lack thereof. The basic premise of the concept is that when you take in more energy (calories) than you burn, you gain weight and when you take in less energy than you burn, you
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How to Design the Perfect Training Session

One of the biggest hurdles in getting motivated to work out, no matter where you do it, is figuring out which exercises to take on once you get there. Luckily, though, with the right information, it’s actually pretty easy to put together an effective, full-body training program. Top priority should be given to functional movements;
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Your diet won’t work. Here’s why.

We know by now that diets don’t work. I mean…we do know that, right? We’ve tried, they’ve failed, and we’ve tried again. There is a new ‘best way of eating’ every time we turn around, so we can keep trying forever… you’d think we’d be dieting pros by now. Some may last a little longer
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