Designed for highly-driven athletes or athletes-to-be looking to take their performance to the next level, this functional nutrition program will help you narrow in on an optimized eating strategy for your individual body to maximize your performance and recovery. 

Together, we’ll do a nutrition deep-dive to eliminate your performance destroying bad habits, refine what’s currently working and build your plan from the bottom up. From there, we’ll follow it up with one-on-one coaching for accountability, direction, and support to help you reach the next level.


  • A uniquely-designed nutrition trajectory that optimizes your daily macronutrient balance and nutrient timing to align with your performance goals
  • In-depth weekly check-ins to discuss bio-feedback and increase your power and performance during training
  • Additional focus on your training and the lifestyle factors that accelerate your athletic development
  • Nutrition education focused on athlete nutrition and why, when and how of sport-specific fueling strategies
  • On-call, reliable support to troubleshoot solutions and bulletproof your performance


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