Nutrition coaching

Eat to thrive

My nutrition coaching philosophy is a simple one: I don’t believe any foods are ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and I know it is possible to reach your goals without suffering through another exhausting crash diet or detox tea cleanse.

And let’s face it - none of those strategies give you the fuel you need to take on your dreams, anyway. Instead, one-on-one nutrition coaching gives you a toolbox full of knowledge, skills and habits to tackle your goals head-on. With a plan designed specifically for you, you’ll get the accountability, direction and support to help you eat, move and live better.


Do this


Boost is here to bridge the gap if you have a good sense of what you need but could use some accountability and help to remove the guesswork and step up your progress.


Nourish is for you if you’re tired of short-term crash diets and looking for a sustainable approach to eating healthy, balancing your weight and feeling well-fueled for life.


Perform is designed for you if you're an athlete or athlete-to-be looking for a functional nutrition program that will help take your performance to the next level.



Do you have an idea for something else that would fit you better?
Let’s talk – personalized plans are always available!

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Intake & Personal Assessment

Let's go

First, we'll do an assessment that accounts for every aspect of your health, performance and nutrition goals. We’ll discuss your food preferences and patterns, lifestyle needs and the challenges you’ve faced creating the life you want. All of this information feeds into your plan - no templates used here!

Train, Baby Train!

Your Plan

Based on that information, we'll create your individual nutrition strategy. This is not a strict meal plan, but a set of personalized targets that lead you to your goal. We'll break down the habits that stand in your way and build up new ones to make meeting your daily targets second-nature.

Re-Assess, Re-Test And Adjust

Check In

We’ll check in at regular intervals to see how you’re feeling, review your goals and talk through any physical, mental and/or lifestyle factors impacting your journey. From there, expect feedback, support and accountability to nail down what is working and optimize it as we go.

Count On Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

While appointments provide you with valuable time to check-in and build momentum, your coach is always available within 24 hours to answer a burning question or give advice when hiccups arise. With communication methods tailored to what works for you, count on motivation all the way.

Do you have an idea for something else that would fit you better?
Let’s talk – personalized plans are always available!

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Get A

Free Session

Curious to know more? Your first session is on me! Let’s meet for an intake and goal-setting session to get a clear picture of how you’re eating, how you’re feeling and where you’d like to go. We’ll map a plan to show you what we are able to do together!



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