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Eat to thrive!

My nutrition coaching philosophy is a simple one: I don’t believe foods ANY are innately ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and I know it is possible to reach your goals without suffering.

One-on-one nutrition coaching gives you a plan designed specifically for your body, with the accountability, direction and support to help you eat, move, and live better. Nutrition is more than the food you eat; it’s about your lifestyle, mindset, personal dietary practices, goals, and energy levels. As a team, we’ll take all of those into account while you to re-learn to listen to your body and develop the habits to reach your goals.

Work with me

How it works

Intake & Personal Assessment

Complete a Personal Assessment

Our carefully curated assessment form takes into account every aspect of your life, health and nutrition goals. We’ll discuss your targets, health history, food preferences and patterns, lifestyle needs and challenges you’ve faced creating the healthy life you want. All of this information feeds into your personal plan - no templates used here!

Train, Baby Train!

Receive Your Customized Plan

Based on the information you provide for your lifestyle and goals, I’ll create your individual nutrition plan. This is not a strict meal plan, but a set of personalized targets you’ll meet each day. With support whenever you need it, I’ll give you the tools you need to get you to your goals without suffering through hunger or cutting anything you love out of the picture.

Re-Assess, Re-Test And Adjust

Track Your Progress and Check In With Me

We’ll check in every week to see how you’re feeling and review your targets, tracking and any other factors impacting your journey. From there, you can expect feedback, support and accountability to optimize and stick to your plan of attack. I’ll help you nail down what is working and make alterations as we get to know what works best for you.

Count On Ongoing Support

Count On Ongoing Support

While appointments provide you with valuable time to check-in, I will always be available within 24 hours to answer your burning questions or give advice when hiccups arise. With communication methods tailored to what works best for you, you can count on motivation and accountability all the way through.

One-Time Macro Plan

Includes intake, assessment and one-time individualized macronutrient targets.


6 Month Online Coaching

Includes intake and assessment, individualized targets, weekly check-ins, tracking support and tips, and on-call support and accountability.



12 Month Online Coaching

Includes intake and assessment, individualized targets, weekly check-ins, tracking support and tips, on-call support and accountability.



Do you have an idea of a plan that would fit you better? Reach out, personalized plans are always available!


Prices exclude BTW.

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Curious to know more? Your first session is on me! Let’s meet for an intake, assessment and goal-setting sessions to get a clear picture of how you’re eating, how you’re feeling and where you’d like to go. Together we’ll map a plan to show you what we are able to do together!



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