Bridge the gap

BOOST is here to bridge the gap for people who have a good sense of what they need but could use accountability and some help removing the guesswork from the specifics.

This ‘in-between’ program gives you a personalized goal-setting session, a nutritional roadmap and a monthly coaching session to keep you moving toward your goals. This extra boost will help you optimize your diet with a flexible approach that is sustainable over the long-term and doesn’t restrict you to a specific diet or meal plan.



Start Up

A one-time fee to get you rolling (includes your first month!)



Your monthly coaching subscription



You'll Get

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The Assessment

An assessment of your current nutrition profile and goal setting session to get clear about what you want.

Kickstart Session

Your personalized introductory session to macronutrients, tracking your nutrition and your custom plan.

Monthly Coaching

Your monthly coaching session includes a progress review, strategy optimization and space to answer all your burning questions.


You're never alone! Your coach is available for accountability and advice whenever hiccups arise. Count on our support all the way.

Ready for your BOOST?

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Free Session

Curious to know more? Your first session is on me! Let’s meet for an intake, assessment and goal-setting sessions to get a clear picture of how you’re eating, how you’re feeling and where you’d like to go. We’ll map a plan to show you what we are able to do together!



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