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Designed for athletes, this functional nutrition program will help you maximize performance and recovery. 

Together, we’ll do a deep-dive to dial in any performance-harming bad habits, optimize what’s currently working and build your plan from the bottom up. From there, we’ll follow it up with one-on-one coaching for accountability, direction and support to help you reach the next level.




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Your Plan

A uniquely-designed nutrition trajectory that optimizes your daily macronutrient balance and nutrient timing to align with your training and performance goals.

Weekly Check-Ins

In-depth weekly check-ins and bi-weekly coaching calls to discuss your fuelling plan, refine your strategy based on bio-feedback and ensure you're thriving in training and recovery.

In-Depth Coaching

We'll make sure there is additional emphasis on the lifestyle factors that accelerate athletic development and education around the why, when and how of sport-specific fuelling.


You're never alone! Your coach is available for on-call, reliable support to troubleshoot solutions and bulletproof your plan and performance.

Ready to PERFORM?

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Curious to know more? Your first session is on me! Let’s meet for an intake, assessment and goal-setting sessions to get a clear picture of how you’re eating, how you’re feeling and where you’d like to go. We’ll map a plan to show you what we are able to do together!



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